“AVRORA” firm has started its activity in Baku city since 13 April 2000 in the creation of a condition for the development of economy on the basis of market relations in the Constitution and other normative-legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the provision of entrepreneurship, the formation of mechanism of competition and favorable business environment as well as in the circumstance where the initiative for the establishment of firms and companies with different profiles are increased.

“AVRORA” which delivers the markets and consumers the goods produced in its industrial fields and the products of companies it distributes, has established large trade network supplied with modern technology pursuant to the requirements of the time in a short time. The network of distributorship is being delivered to all the regions, districts and settlements as well as villages of the country by means of over 100 work forces and many vehicles in a very comfortable way.

At the present stage, “AVRORA” firm is decently represented in the sector by taking part in the solution of socio-economic problems of the country within its opportunities and conforming its activity to the requirements of the development of the country economy as a subject of entrepreneurship in the fulfillment of the duties standing before us in the field of building of the country economy again.